Core Tech
"Key 24H"

The core team has established four major technical platforms:

1.Macrophage-specific CAR design technology platform

2.Optimized macrophage cultivation technology platform

3.Fast infection and cultivation technology platform for monocytes

4.Macrophage-specific viral transformation technology platform

Supported by these four platforms, collectively referred to as ABCD, the establishment of a 24-hour pipeline platform has been achieved.

Macrophage-Specific CAR Design Technology Platform
This platform is dedicated to developing specific chimeric antigen receptors (CAR), aimed at boosting macrophages’ recognition and killing ability towards tumor cells, thereby enhancing antitumor capability.
Macrophage Optimal Cultivation Technology Platform
This platform focuses on optimizing the cultivation conditions and methods of macrophages to enhance cell activity and functional performance. By optimizing culture substrates, growth factors, and cultivation conditions, high-quality macrophages can be obtained, thereby enhancing their antitumor capabilities.
Monocyte Rapid Infection and Cultivation Technology Platform
The infection and cultivation of monocytes are often time-consuming and difficult. This technology platform aims to develop efficient methods for rapid infection and cultivation of monocytes, shortening the cultivation cycle and reducing production costs.
Macrophage-Specific Virus Remodeling Technology Platform
This platform enhances transfection efficiency and overcomes the challenge of difficult transfection of macrophages by optimizing virus vector structure. It reduces the MHC-I molecule levels in macrophages, thereby evading T cell cytotoxicity and promoting the long-term survival of CAR-M cells.


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