Patient Recruitment

ROC ROCK Biotechnology is committed to the development of innovative cancer therapies,

aimed at prolonging the lives of patients affected by cancer.

What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials follow strict guidelines from regulatory agencies in the People's Republic of China. For more information, please visitNational Drug Administration Drug Evaluation Center.

A clinical trial is a scientific research method used to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and side effects of new drugs, treatment methods, or medical devices. It is an experiment carried out in humans with the objective of determining whether these new treatment approaches can prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases.

CAR-M Macrophage Therapy Method

ROC ROCK Biotechnology is at the forefront of developing a novel cell therapy aimed at targeted cancer treatment using the patient's own immune cells.

Our CAR-M macrophages, through specific recognition of the HER2 receptor, closely approach and phagocytize tumor cells, thus exerting tumor cytotoxicity. Simultaneously, they initiate the patient's intrinsic immune system, eliciting a broader immune response, antigen presentation, and cytokine secretion, activating T cells. Activated T cells play a pivotal role in the process of tumor cell lysis.

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We understand that patients and their families may have questions about macrophage immunotherapy and its working principles.

To aid you in gaining a better understanding, we sincerely invite you to reach out to us. No matter the nature of your inquiry, we commit to responding promptly and to our utmost ability.


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